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With its special property,the mental suitable for the TIG welding and the other electrode materials alike.To enforce the welding power of W electrode by adding rare-earth oxide in the mental W.,the property of W can be improved greatly ,with better electrode arc,more stability of arc column,and less burning loss of electrode.The usual rare-earth annexing agents include the following:cerium oxide,thorium oxide,lanthana,zirconia and yttrium oxide ect.
Cerium and W electrode
Cerium and W electrode:add cerium oxide in the mental W.
The advantages of Cerium and W electrode:
Without radiation,with lower melting rate,with longer welding,with betterarcing property.
Cerium and W electrode is the best product in the low current welding situation and is also the model for most manufacturers with orbital welding equipments,moreover,this is also used in other low current,such as tiny and intricate parts,welding.
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WC20 CeO2 1.80-2.20% <0.2% 2.7-2.8 grey


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