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With its special property, the mental W. is suitable for the TIG welding and the other electrode materials alike. To enforce the welding power of W electrode by adding rare-earth oxide in the mental W., the property of W can be improved greatly , with better electrode arc ,more stability of arc column, and less burning loss of electrode . The usual rare-earth annexing agents include the following: cerium oxide, thorium oxide, lanthana , zirconia and yttrium oxide ect.


Name Make additive element W% specifications
usage Wbar
ٸ W-1 --- 99.95 1.0-6.0 W-1 It is mainly used in making Wolfram
wire, wolfram heating, electron tube bar,ect.
W-2 --- 99.95 1.0-6.0 W-2/ WAL-1/ WAL-2/ It is mainly used
in making the high colour temperature
filament, the heat-resisting filament,
the shatter proofing filament, the
common spiral filament, the halide
filament, the fluorescent filament,
the energy-saving filament, the electron
tube parts,the gas discharging lamp,
electrode, / the grid / the side bar,
the outgoing wire, the pedestal, ect.
WAL-1 --- 99.95 1.0-6.0
WAL-2 --- 99.95 1.0-6.0
ٸ WTH-7 0.70-0.99 allowance 1.0-6.0 the spring cathode of electron tube,
the light source cathode of gas discharging.
WTH-10 1.00-1.49 allowance 1.0-6.0
WTH-15 1.50-1.99 allowance 1.0-6.0
WTH-20 2.00-2.20 allowance 1.0-6.0
WTH-30 2.80-3.20 allowance 1.0-6.0
WTH-40 3.80-4.20 allowance 1.0-6.0
ٸ WCe-10 0.80-1.20 allowance 1.0-6.0 the spring cathode of electron tube,
the light source cathode of gas discharging.
WCe-15 1.30-1.70 allowance 1.0-6.0
WCe-20 1.80-2.20 allowance 1.0-6.0
ٸ WLa-10 0.90-1.20 allowance 1.0-6.0 the heat cathode material of electron tube,
the guide-bar, thermal power product,
heat-resisting molybdenum wire
WLa-15 1.30-1.70 allowance 1.0-6.0
WLa-20 1.80-2.20 allowance 1.0-6.0
ٸ WZr-3 0.15-0.50 allowance 1.0-6.0
WZr-8 0.70-0.90 allowance 1.0-6.0

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