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With its special property, the mental W. is suitable for the TIG welding and the other electrode materials alike. To enforce the welding power of W electrode by adding rare-earth oxide in the mental W., the property of W can be improved greatly , with better electrode arc ,more stability of arc column, and less burning loss of electrode . The usual rare-earth annexing agents include the following: cerium oxide, thorium oxide, lanthana , zirconia and yttrium oxide ect.

WLa electrode

LA and W. electrode: add lanthana in the mental W.
The advantages of La and W electrode:
The better mechanical cutting
The better anti- creep
Higher temperature in second crystallization
Better extensibility

Make Adulterant Doping amount Other doping amount Electric releasing power Color marker
Wl10 La2O3 0.8-1.20% <0.2% 2.6-2.7 Black
Wl15 La2O3 1.30-1.70% <0.2% 2.8-3.0 Golden yellow
Wl20 La2O3 1.80-2.20% <0.2% 2.8-3.2 Light blue

LA and W. electrode has been welcomed in the world, especially the kind of electrode containing 1.5%La and W. According to scientific research , this one is the nearest to Th and W electrode in the conductivity,so the welding technicians can change the electrode easily ,without changing the equipment parameter.


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